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Nick Kronov

A book "Noosphere. Cosmology. Christ doctrine":
1. Introduction: "About what this book"
(8 kB)
2. The solution of mankind problems: from biosphere - world of famine and violence - to a noosphere (200 kB with 2 images)
3. Cosmology: space expands because time is flowing (120 kB with 7 images)
4. Jesus Christ doctrine about life also other outlooks (262 kB with 2 images)


Dear reader, if you consider the works important or to say the least of it interesting, I wish you would save the texts because of fatal heart-disease of the author this site can soon has disappeared. Also you could publish this site URL in the catalogues and the guest books - Internet is too expensive for me. Can somebody also assist me in publishing the book? Thank you. I permit noncommercial distributing of the texts free-of-charge. I try to improve the English translation.

The topical notes

"What hopes do you place in XXI century?"

I hope that in XXI century the people will at last understand, that by infinite growth the problems can't be solved, thus these are just increasing. Therefore the birth-rate will be reduced up to one child for a family, thus population of the Earth will be decreased down to 1 billion, and then unemployment, famine, wars, revolutions, dictatorships, terror, atomic power stations, global heating and its hurricanes also other disasters will disappear. People will live among woods, fields and rivers, instead of among the dumps and foul ditches. I foresee a puzzling question: "But how do you offer to achieve such the reduction of the birth-rate?" But the main thing is to make oneself certain that to have achieved is necessary. Because who wants to achieve - looks for ways, but who does not want - looks for reasons - to not achieve. About it there is my article about a noosphere on this site.

Once again about doctrines and world outlooks (11.20.99)

As are spoken, Islam can be different. In Turkey and in Egypt, as speak, Islam is not such strict and extreme, as in Saudi Arabia. Well, but at 10.31.99 a plane of an Egyptian airline had taken off from New York for Cairo, but a pilot, which should have married some days after, had decided to make even better: to destroy 200 faithless, and for it Allah will at once have taken him in paradise, where he will enjoy with perfect houries, instead of any woman. The pilot had prayed for Allah 14 time, had switched off the robot pilot also the engines, and the Boeing with 217 passengers had fallen in ocean. Such version seems rather politically incorrect and undermining the profitability of the Egyptian airline. I think, just because of it the American inspectors under pressure of Egyptians have refused from "the versions of suicide" - because, as they are speaking, the pilot was a man even-tempered and pleased with life. But you see, I also do not speak that there was a suicide, on the contrary, the pilot had chosen - according to the doctrine of a prophet Mohammed - the best share than life, he was lost at Djikhad, at war against the faithless. But "the political incorrect case" had been hushed up and had been forgotten in a moment. 217 people vanish into thin air, and - silence. Liberal-publicists! Analysts-humanists! Defenders of human rights! Where are you?! Halloo!

Appendix (to Cosmology): Stephen Hawking "The Beginning of Time"

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