Nick Kronov

(The solution of mankind problems)



St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998


1. Introduction: "About what this book" (8 kB)
2. The solution of mankind problems: from biosphere - world of famine and violence - to a noosphere (with 2 images 200 kB)
3. Cosmology: space expands because time is flowing (with 7 images 120 kB)
4. Jesus Christ doctrine about life also other outlooks (with 2 image 262 kB)


The second and the third parts of this book expect from the reader of some special grounding and interest, but the first, the main part should be urgent for everybody.

Certainly, it is important as far as the state mechanism is perfect, there will be in government the able and honest managers whether or not - why elections in conditions of freedom, that is to say democracy are necessary. But it is also necessary that the government have a strategy, a theory. The Marx theory turned out to be incorrect - the socialism economics is less effective than the capitalism one. But it does not mean that the theory is in general unnecessary but it is enough the blind "pragmatism", and intellectuals may be quietly busy themselves with historical and literary researches. The theory should explain: 1. what occurs, and 2. what to do.

200 years back - not so long ago, the people lived on the Earth not so poorly but, by the way, - then the ground was being ploughed by horses and a wooden plowshare. Since then a steel plough had been invented then a tractor, then "an electrification of all the country" had been carried out, now people use the atomic energy and computers. But despite of the progress, "pragmatism" and occurred ENORMOUS growth of manufacture, the crisis follows crisis, the people are absorbed by struggle for survival and many people consider that mankind will come to a bad end - and very soon. The belief in intellect is undermined. It seems, even the academicians have despaired to find for mankind any going out, they can think up nothing and then they offer to the mankind "to fall to thinking". Oil on the flame of the disbelief is being poured by churches with their doctrine (theory) about the end of the world.

But you see, really: for example, environment, nature is collapsing disastrously because of excessive exploitation it by enormously increased economic activity - at the same time the blind leaders of the blind (thus Jesus Christ qualified the leaders of mankind) try to cure the illnesses of a society by further economic and demographic growth. As an English philosopher Bolding had made jokes: "The one who believes that the growth can be continued infinitely in the non-infinite world, is either mad or an economist".

The first part of the book is devoted to the decision of mankind problems - to the elimination of neediness, wars, dictatorships and the ecological threat.

In the second part of the book a visual model of the universe is offered to the reader. From cosmology as a notion about birth, form and sizes of the universe any religion, any philosophy begins, allowing a man to join to the past and the future, to understand the meaning of life, to get rid of short-sightedness of everyday fuss.

However the colossal scale of the world also is capable to suppress soul of a man. Therefore many people - not only Moslems - consider: "God is great, but people are small insects" (see in Bible the book of a prophet Isaiah 40:22-24). Hence passivity, fatalism and even irresponsibility, egoism, cynicism in the attitude to public and global problems are occurring, they say: "Anyhow we all shall die".

Therefore in the third part of the book the author tries to rehabilitate Jesus Christ doctrine. All our European civilization has arisen and is based on Christianity. Someone will tell: Christ's doctrine has played the role but now is obsolete. Well, but tell me a name of other teacher who could rise at the same level like Christ, other doctrine that could play the appropriate role in the future. There is no such. But then why is minimal the influence of churches, and why do many people not accept Christianity? Because under this name they discover many absurdity: about God Jesus who is, so to tell, a physical son, incomprehensibly, whether of Father-God, whether of God - Holy Spirit, about the ransom of people-sinners from one more as though "negative" God - Devil by blood, moreover by the blood of the same God, about good and malicious invisible beings - angels and demons, about bliss of spiritually beggars, about life beyond the grave - also others idle figments of the churches which have obscured the doctrine of the Great Teacher of mankind - Jesus from Nazareth about filiality of a man to the Creator and Lord of the universe and about collaborating with Him.

Nick Kronov


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